Monday, March 26, 2012

Advice From My Editor

Humans.  We're imperfect.
For the past couple weeks I have been making mistakes left and right. Messing up my words, confusing my homophones like your and you're, forgetting stuff I paid for at the store only to have to drive back and retrieve it at customer service.

I suppose my last blog entry, Unclaimed Treasures, was no different.  Only I didn't realize there was a problem until my dad told me so.  You see my father, Curt Oxford, graphic artistic by day ( and weekend song writer by all hours of the night (type Curt Oxford in Youtube), also serves as my editor.  He's been rather occupied lately and seeing as I didn't want to wait a whole month to pass before I uploaded a blog post, I published my post in the beginning of March without his critique.  March is almost over.  He read it today.  Apparently there were multiple problems that were brought to my attention.

In light of this new found discovery I would like to appologize to any of you 11 people who happen to follow my blog.  My goal had been to try and celebrate our stages in life, especially our last and perhaps most beautiful one.  I had wanted to try and encourage people that there are more important things in life than trying to be thin, large breasted and wrinkle free and that it is the legacy that we give to the world that has true value.  I hope that although I am in my 30ties this did not offend anyone.  I am not trying to say that I know everything or think I have all the answers- I know very well that I don't.  So please excuse me if I came off seeming that way.  

There are clarifications that need to be made about my grandmother as well. You see my grandma is very special to me.  She inspires me in so many ways, especially in the strength  she  has shown throughout her life.   My grandmother's mom was killed in an accident before she entered the 1st grade. Things were already difficult for them financially before that happened. They were so  poor they couldn't afford milk so my grandmother was raised on black coffee instead.  They had no heat and during winter it was so cold that if you left a glass of water by the bed stand it would be frozen solid by morning.  My grandma has seen difficult times and overcame them.  So when I said in my last blog that my grandmother  "is my encourager through the tight times," I meant that she offers me words of encouragement that although money may be tight now this is only for a time and that a hope for a better life is on the horizon (I in no way meant to insinuate that she gives me cash just in case that is how it sounded)

Anyway the last blog entry was swept up a bit and hopefully is now free from offending.
 But in case it is not please feel free to email any complaints to and I'm sure my editor will be happy to relay the information ;)


  1. I thought the blog was good. You are a beautiful writer and I am proud of you. I did not think that anything you wrote was offensive. Your blogs are inspirational and dawn and I love them!!!!!!! I think that is awesome Uncle Curt is your editor...
    Love and miss you all

  2. Wow! Thanks Jen!!! I'm glad that you and Dawn enjoy them. I've been in bit of a rut lately and need to get back into the swing of things. Curse this writers block!!!! Anyways I love and miss you very much. Hope all is well :)